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Location Conditions

1 Purpose

This agreement is for the purpose of fondness for matters relating to the use of "service" between "스타부동산공인중개사사무소" (Hereinafter referred to as "Services"), location-based services using the "Customer".
The definition of

2 term

1) The meaning of the terms used in this Agreement are as follows: each call. Under the agreement on the meaning of this term is not defined in subparagraphs "스타부동산공인중개사사무소" Up to the terms of use and general business practices.

   . ① "스타부동산공인중개사사무소" Location-based services provided by the term "company"

   . ② "service" means to offer for sale the real estate registration information to users based on the location information, such as your smartphone

    ③ "customer" shall "? 스타부동산공인중개사사무소" refers to the use of user

.     ④ "Member" shall provide personal information to the company and as a person who has a membership registration, "? 스타부동산공인중개사사무소" receive of providing continuous information, "company" is to provide "스타부동산공인중개사사무소" in the "services" refers to the characters that can be used continuously. "Company" can be classified according to the "service" of providing for a smooth internal rating of "Member", "company" rules.

   . ⑤ "non-members" means characters without signing up to use the "Member", "Company", "service" provided by the

2) Follow the prescribed terms and conditions, etc. "Law on Protection and Use of such location information" and related laws.

Conclusion and termination of the

3 Contract

1) "customer" will join the Personal Location Services notices in accordance with the terms and conditions if you want to use the "services" of "company". If the "members" joined the tread members agreed upon procedures "non-member" if you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for using the "service".

2) "Customer" shall terminate the application via email to the Privacy Officer "company" when you want to terminate the contract.

The contents of

4 Services

1) "Company", "Customer", and this only provides location information of the registered items to "customer" by combining the location information and other personal information will not be used as location information.

2) Commercial location of the "customer" available offers, etc. for your smartphone.

3) "company" is the location information provider, receiving the location information from mobile operators "스타부동산공인중개사사무소" Of the mobile terminal location-based services: through a dedicated application (the "Application") It offers.

    ① provide access position "Service": based on the "service" position of last access "customers" who approved the use of location information provided through a list or on a map the information in the "Service"

    ② Location: using WPS (Wifi Positioning System), GPS coordinates extraction-based and mobile terminal refers to the point that generates the "Customer"

    ③ provide results that utilized the final connection position "Service": presents the results with respect to the information provided in accordance with the functions in the "Service" with the current position when the search request personal location information

    ④ "customers" to update the location information is "? 스타부동산공인중개사사무소" is done when after the execution or running, location-specific menus available, the "customer" position is updated by the user reflect the final position based on the information.

5 hours

"스타부동산공인중개사사무소" Is in use and available 24 hours a day, however, a system failure, you can have the service unavailable error repair program, etc. If unavoidable external factors.

6 How to collect location information

"Company" will collect personal location information in the following manner.

    ① collect real-time location-based information of the base station (Cell ID method) using a mobile device such as

    ② collected through the GPS chip GPS information is collected through a dedicated terminal location information, such as the built-in

    ③ Wi-Fi chips are collected through the built-in Wi-Fi information that is collected through a dedicated terminal location information


7 visitor's location

"Company" can offer is "Member" If you agree, etc. This agreement, or "non-member" take advantage of this location-related collected through the year terminal at the menu, use the location information to the information and "members" of the post.

    ① a "Member" and accept such terms, or "non-members" when using this location-specific menus for use "service" it assumes you have exposed the position of the person arbitrarily and "Company" Real-time location information of the "customer" based on the content it provides.

    ② location information and content, such as typing "services" for the one "member" when using generated content, "the company" will save and preserve information about the location of the "members". "Company" uses the location information to recommend a place or information based on the current position of the "members" of the registered post "customer".

8 or consent about the use of personal location information provided

1) "Company" will not provide the relevant personal location information to third parties without the consent of the personal location information.

2) "company" will not record or keep the personal use of location information, check facts available data for purposes not related to transactions between "customers".

9 the right of personal location data subject

1) personal location data subject may withdraw all or part of the agreement for the use of personal location information • Provide.

2) personal location information with respect to the subject "Company" or the notice can request a viewing of the data below, if there is a fault in such materials may require its correction. In this case, the "Company" will not refuse the request without good reason.

    ① check the location information is used, providing facts about the personal location information subject material

    ② personal location information, personal location information of the principal and the third party reason to information provided by the laws or regulations of other laws such protection and use of location information

3) personal location information subject using Article 15 of the agreement to contact the Claims 1 to paragraph 2 may require the exercise of rights "company".

10 Change the "Services" and stop

1) "Corporate" if such can not be maintained as the "company" of various circumstances or legal disability "service" as policy changes of position information carriers, restrict all or part of the "Service", you can not change or stop you.

2) In the case of the "Service" interrupted by 1, the "Company" or the like are known in advance and the Internet "services" screen notify any person or entity location information.

11 specifies the location information of the manager

1) "company" to manage, protect the location information and the position specifying operation information manager that can smoothly handle complaints due to the personal location information of the "customer" for transactions.

2) specific details as location information management officer of the department to provide location-based services department is subject to the terms and conditions of this Addendum.

12 for damages and indemnification

1) personal location data subject may claim damages for the case following the "Company" suffered damage from acts that correspond to each heading "Company". In this case, personal location data subject must be demonstrated that there is a direct intention or negligence "Company".

    ① collect location information without the consent of the individual user or location data subject, except as permitted by laws, acts of using

    ② acts of leaks, tampering, damage, such as personal location information

2) "company" is not liable for damages caused by natural disasters, such as when force majeure reasons or users of intentionally or negligently.

3) "company" will not reimburse users for damages suffered by users and third parties using the error location information that may occur depending on the communication environment of the network operators.

13 Changes to the Terms

1) "The Company" is when you want to change the agreement to publish the changes through a notice in advance.

2) "members" may terminate the Agreement prior to the effective date of the agreement to change business days after the changes made to the agreement in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (1) is published or notified. If you do not reach the "Member" objection "Company" in front in just a period of "members" try to have it approved.

14 adjustment of disputes

"Company" has not been made in consultation between the dispute related to the location information the parties, or if you can not do a consultation, electric accordance with the provisions of the Telecommunications Basic Law to apply for finance on the Korea Communications Commission, or information promoting network use and information laws protecting etc. personal information may apply to adjust to the dispute Resolution Committee under the provisions of.

15 business information and location information management officer designated

  Company Name : 스타부동산공인중개사사무소

  Address1 : SeoUlSi YongSanGu HoeNaMuLo 21, 1Cheung

  Address2 : 1st floor, 21 Hoenamu-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

  Tel : 02-793-8949

  FAX :

  CEO : 우승원

  e-mail : itaewonapt@gmail.com